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Guía para Interns scholars (pdf)

Welcome! We are excited you are here, and we are looking forward to a fantastic year! We have put together these guidelines for you to help make sure that your time here is successful and rewarding.

Intern Job Description

  • Being an intern is a unique opportunity. We hope that you will be open to new experiences and face challenges with an open mind. Living with a host family and working in a new environment can be both incredibly rewarding as well as incredibly stressful. We hope that you'll make your time here an enjoyable and productive experience.
  • When in the classroom, observe the class to see where you can contribute. Watch the teacher explain the lesson to the students and take mental notes. After the teacher is done explaining, they will let you know what they would like you to do. Part of the job is to watch what the teacher does and learn different teaching techniques. Since each teacher has a different teaching process, you may support different teachers in different ways.
  • Work with students individually or in small groups while in the classroom.
  • Lead specific activities and help clean up after activities before going to next assigned class.
  • Lead the lesson (with teacher present and with guidance from the teacher). Look for feedback!
  • Proactively help students while they are doing exercises/lessons.
  • Even when there are no students present, there is still plenty to do! Tasks include grading papers, preparing classroom materials, filing, etc. Be able to multi-task and be flexible. Clerical work is part of being a teacher.
  • You will be a role model to the students, and your attitude, attendance and punctuality have a major influence on the students and their learning experience. Be responsible and make this impact a positive one!

School Information

  1. Be punctual! If you come to class late, it will distract all the students and interrupt the lesson.
  2. Please be present and fully committed during instructional hours. There are no electronic devices allowed in the classrooms. Please keep your phones put away.
  3. If you need to leave the classroom during the lesson, please let the teacher know.
  4. Workday hours are 7:50am-2:35pm. You get a 15 minute break in the morning and a 45 minute lunch. Amity Institute supports a 32 hour work week. Your break and lunch time are not counted toward your working hours. With your workday schedule you will be working 28 hours and 45 minutes each week. On a few rainy/stormy days the schedule changes because the children don't go outside - so on those days your schedule may be a bit longer.
  5. Please address teachers by "Señora Smith" or "Maestra Smith" in front of students. This shows respect for the teacher to the students.
  6. At least once a month there is a minimum day, which means that school ends for students at 12:30pm. On these days you will be doing work with your last teacher of the day until your 2:35pm finish time, doing clerical work.
  7. If you are sick, call the office at 650-712-7160 before the school day begins so they can inform the teachers. We expect that you will treat your time here as you would a paying job.
  8. School holidays are your vacation days for the school year to use as you wish. You can download the school calendar from the following link: Academic School Calendar 2018-19 (pdf)
  9. You will be granted 4 additional vacation days that you can use when you choose. Prior approval must be granted by your supervising teacher 1 week in advance, and you are responsible for notifying all teachers on your schedule by email that you will be gone that day. A verbal notification is not sufficient.
  10. There are 2 parent/teacher conference weeks each year. These two weeks are not Intern vacation weeks. You may be asked to verbally translate from English to Spanish during the parent/teacher conferences for children whose parents do not speak English.
  11. Besides working at Hatch School, you will have additional opportunities to share your culture at two other schools, Cunha Intermediate School (6th-8th graders, ages 12-14) and Half Moon Bay High School (9th-12th graders, ages 14-18). At Hatch you will make a school wide presentation about your country and culture. At Cunha you make cultural presentations or assist the teacher. At the High School you present for a day with the other Interns by giving joint 45 minute presentations multiple times throughout that day. All interns are expected to participate in these cultural presentations. These will provide an opportunity for you to develop your presentation skills and for our students at all levels to learn about your country and culture. You may be asked to give these presentations in Spanish and/or English.
  12. You are an integral part of the classroom experience. If you have a question or any problem, please ask the teacher, your supervising teacher, or your Intern Coordinator immediately so that the issue can be resolved. In addition, there will be weekly check-in meetings with supervising teachers and monthly 1:1 meetings with the Intern Coordinator.
  13. Please share your contact info with your teachers.
  14. The cold salad bar at Hatch is free to interns. This includes salad, fruit and vegetables. The hot food can be purchased and you can bring food from home.
  15. Dress professionally. You are a role model for the students.
  16. You will be given a review of your performance two times throughout the year by the principal. This document has been emailed to you as well.
  17. This internship is an opportunity for you to develop your profession skills as a teacher and enhance your resume. Please take this internship very seriously and treat it as if it were your full time professional job.
  18. When you accompany your class to music, art, physical education and library, please assist that teacher.
  19. No smoking at or around the school - it is illegal!!

Home Information

  1. There will be a meeting for all the host families, Interns and coordinating teachers the first week of school. At this meeting we want to welcome you and talk about expectations for your time spent at school and with your host families.
  2. In general, parents in our community don't want their children to see you smoking at any time because their children see you as role models. If you smoke, please do so privately.
  3. Your host is excited to get to know you. Spend time with them. If you are always out with friends, you won't have the chance to develop a good relationship with them. We strongly encourage open and frank discussions between you and your host family throughout the year about anything and everything.

These are suggestions of things your host family may want to talk with you about when you arrive:

  1. The amount of time you spend doing family activities
  2. How often you join family meals
  3. How much you interact with their children
  4. Friendships or romantic relationships that change the amount of time you spend doing family activities
  5. Late night parties
  6. Boisterous or unsociable behavior
  7. Smoking or drug use
  1. You are expected to spend the night at your host family's house. Please let your host family know of rare instances when this may not be the case.
  2. Please share your expectations for the year with your host family. They will be curious to hear what your thoughts and hopes are. If you are hoping to travel, please let them know and maybe they can help you make those arrangements.
  3. Families will appreciate you speaking Spanish with their children and helping them to understand it.
  4. Families will appreciate assistance with family chores like cleaning your bedroom, keeping the bathroom tidy, kitchen/dishes, and laundry. Please don't wait to be asked to help.
  5. When you go out with friends, please be aware your host family may want to know approximately when you will be home and the area where you are going. They worry about you-especially in the beginning!
  6. Hitchhiking and drug use is illegal in the United States.
  7. San Francisco is an hour away by car. Unless you have someone to drive you there, you will be taking the bus/train-which can take approximately 3 hours.
  8. Your coordinator will help you to set up a bank account upon your arrival at Wells Fargo. You will need to close this account before you leave.
  9. Your host family can help you to get a cell phone. In the past, Interns have purchased inexpensive phones and phone cards at CVS drug store, MetroPCS, Virgin Phone or Strawflower Electronics in Half Moon Bay.

We are excited to welcome you to our community, and we will all do everything we can to make your experience fulfilling. Please remember, though, that you are here by invitation and it is your responsibility to help make your time here successful. We hope these guidelines will help make your time here rewarding. While we don't anticipate this happening, we do need to let you know that under rare circumstances, Interns have been asked to return to their home country.

Revised Nov 2017

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