Host Family Coordinator

Each year a person is needed to coordinate and maintain the Amity Intern Program sponsored by the Hatch PTO. The successful program has been developed and fine tuned each year. The following links are helpful files that include a calendar of tasks and sample letters.

AMITY Coordinator Calendar/Tasks (download pdf)

Summer break

  1. send welcome emails to new Amities (see examples in folder) - introducing Hatch, Half Moon Bay, SF Bay Area, etc.
  2. request Amities get TB (Mantoux) testing in their country before arriving as it's cheaper for them to do so
  3. arrange a meeting (in July) for new host families to meet previous host families, ask questions about their past experiences and what to expect, review Housing Expectation Checklist, and Host Family Contact Sheet.
  4. email host families and Amities together as introduction (wait until housing is set in the event that arrangements change - end of July/beginning of August)
  5. ensure all Host Family Fact Sheets are complete and submitted to Amity Institute at least 3 weeks prior to school starting
  6. prepare welcome packets for Amities (a plastic folder with Immersion logo - inside include maps, bus schedules, city info (from Chamber of Commerce), HMB review magazines, etc. as well as important contacts - board member list, teacher list, etc.) also provide email with links to this information
  7. confirm airport pick-ups with host families and ask to be contacted when Amity arrives
  8. review the Amity Institute Welcome Packet with Host Family and Amity and return paperwork within the first week
  9. for 2017-2018 the monthly stipend is $300 per month

Prior to the start of school

  1. schedule an orientation meeting with Host Families, Amity Interns, School Administrators, Supervising Teachers and Amity Coordinators on one of the first two weekends of school to review Intern Guidelines
  2. send updated Amity Intern Directory to CUSD webmaster
  3. report Amity arrivals to supervising teacher, principal, SIPA Board, parents via Facebook linking to Amity Intern Directory
  4. arrange for Amities to meet with principal, supervising teacher, Amity Coordinators, and Amities on campus - tour Hatch and discuss roles and responsibilities - have them help with classroom prep and PTO welcome packets - this usually happens three days prior to the start of school
  5. after school tour, great time to take the Amities (and teachers?) to lunch, take Amities on a tour of town, noting stores, post office, transportation options (explain buses, trains, BART, see if there is a bike to borrow, etc.), drug store (for sundries, etc.)
  6. help Amities with cell phones (host families tend to add amity on to current plan, T-mobile has $35 plan, research options)
  7. arrange for bank accounts at Wells Fargo, social security appointment at SSA and fingerprinting through CUSD
  8. discuss after-school clubs, babysitting, tutoring
  9. arrange welcome potluck for Amities, immersion teachers, host families, SIPA Board

Regularly during school year

  1. attend first teachers meeting to introduce Amities, explain their role in the classroom, review the T/IPP, field trip protocol, and send follow up email with Amity Contact info and link to Amity Intern Directory
  2. coordinator should arrange regular monthly check-in meetings with Amities to make sure things are running smoothly (need not be formal - after drop-off is fine)
  3. help with communication needs - requests for rides, travel, adventures, babysitting advertising
  4. SIPA Treasurer pays monthly stipend first of the month in the school mailbox

Fall semester

  1. select dates for Amity Assembly if needed (usually Feb)
  2. prepare for Amity Intern Performance Reviews by teachers. Amity Institute will request a review as well


  1. holiday gifts for Amities and Host Families from SIPA board
  2. confirm if Amities will be with their families, traveling, going home over break or if they need help arranging company
  3. help with transition as Amities move (you need to send Host Family Fact Sheet to Amity Institute within 3 days of move)
  4. contact Amity Institute to request intern applications
  5. as applications arrive, go over with supervising teacher/principal and arrange interviews
  6. respond to Amity Institute as interns are accepted with an official Intern Invitation (provided by Amity)
  7. recruit/confirm host families for the NEXT school year (coordinator needs to approve housing arrangements by making sure they fit Amity requirements)
  8. get Host Family Fact Sheets completed and back to Amity

Details for invitation:

  • host families usually switch at beginning of second semester, which is usually the second/third week of January per the CUSD calendar
  • include expectations of participating in SIPA meetings and Fiesta
  • we request an Amity Assembly
  • number of Amities for next year and stipend need to be confirmed with SIPA Board


  1. remind Amities of forms/documents needed to complete assignment per Amity (i.e. Cultural Experience document)
  2. provide Amity Performance Review to teachers. Amity Institute will request a review as well
  3. confirm Fiesta roles and expectations

End of school

  1. debrief meeting with Amities/principal/lead teacher/host families
  2. arrange for Amity going-away party/dinner
  3. provide year end gifts for Amities and Host Families from SIPA board
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