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The Amity Institute

Founded in 1962, Amity Programs are based on the belief that language learning and cultural exchange are essential to building international friendship and cultural understanding. International exchange creates hands-on opportunities for people of different background to revise stereotypes and prejudices. Amity Institute's Educational Internship Program provides future educators from other countries the opportunity to gain teaching skills under the direct supervision of a certified teacher in an American classroom. In addition, interns often serve as living models of language and culture. Our interns offer a native perspective on their language, culture and country, enabling their students to better understand and appreciate the languages they study. The Amity program is geared toward students and recent graduates who are preparing for careers in the educational field. Interns assist at primary or secondary schools and live with American Host Families.

As part of their exchange experience, Amity interns bring their own languages and culture to life, engage and motivate students, and leave them with new confidence in their ability to communicate across borders. Participants inform and inspire, helping students to better understand other parts of the world. They also help shape the local community's perspective on their country, its culture and people. At the same time, interns learn about U.S. culture and gain a deeper understanding of their own.

The final program goal is that educational interns return home and share what they have learned and experienced with their own communities.

Using this information as background, we've developed the following guidelines to ensure a positive experience for teachers, interns and students alike.

Thank you for helping to make the Amity Program such a success!

Intern/Teacher Guidelines

  1. Interns want to contribute to the classroom in meaningful ways. They should not be used primarily for grading papers, making copies, stapling, filing, etc. If you would like suggestions as to how to make the most of having an intern in your classroom, please check in with your Amity Teacher Coordinator.
  2. All Amities are scheduled from 7:50 am to 2:35 pm every day. They also have a scheduled morning break daily in addition to lunch.
  3. Amities are here to assist teachers and to observe and learn various teaching methods. They may work with ½ of the class, small groups, or 1:1 while in the classroom (not in the center hallway).
  4. Please treat the Intern in your classroom with the same respect you would a volunteer parent. This way, the students will follow your example.
  5. Teachers are responsible for supervising the interns while they are in the classroom.
    • If an intern is tardy, please remind them they need to be on time to class. If this happens more than once, please let the Intern Teacher Coordinator know.
    • If an intern is absent without notice, please communicate this to the Intern Teacher Coordinator.
    • If you have an issue with the Intern's performance in the classroom, please address this directly with the Intern. If you are not able to resolve the issue, please consult the Principal.
  6. If you are putting an intern in charge of a group, let the students know you are doing so and remind them that the intern should be treated with the same courtesy and respect as the teacher.
  7. The interns should participate in a wide variety of activities while in your classroom. Offering them the opportunity to work with small groups of students of all capabilities will enhance their experience and give them greater exposure to a range of students.
  8. You will have the intern in your classroom for approximately two-hour blocks of time. It immerses the intern in your teaching style and allows you and the intern to learn the best ways to work together for the greatest benefit. There is also less time wasted moving between classrooms.
  9. Interns should accompany your students to their library time, music, P.E., art, science, etc., to help those teachers with your students as well as learn from their teaching methods. Please set that expectation with them at the beginning of the year.
  10. Teachers will review their intern's performance twice yearly using the Intern Performance Checklist.
  11. There will be a standing intern agenda item at the monthly staff meeting with dedicated time to discuss intern processes or issues. The Intern Coordinator will attend the first part of the meeting each month to field any questions or concerns. Every 1st or 3rd Wednesday.
  12. In addition to the official school holidays, interns have four other vacation days (typically used as travel days). Interns need to get approval from the Intern Teacher Coordinator one week in advance of using any of these days. The interns are responsible for notifying all of the teachers on their schedules by email for the days that they will be absent.
  13. Teachers will receive contact info for all interns and host families.
  14. During conference week minimum days, interns will stay until 2:35 pm for administrative work with teachers or the office, translating for traditional program teachers, and/or testing of kids.
  15. Part of the mission of The Amity Institute is to foster cultural exchange. Please build in time where possible for the interns to present a lesson to the class so they can share part of their culture with our students.
  16. If a substitute teacher is needed for your class, feel free to communicate with your intern so the intern can help the substitute teacher.

Revised June 2014

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