Parking Lot Protocol

Parking Lot ProtocolPlease remember that the rules of the road apply to our parking lot.

White zones are drop off/pick-up zones only! Stop only long enough to pick-up or drop-off passengers.

No parking and leaving your car in these zones is permissible at any time! (It is like the airport. If no one is there you need to go around again.)

No U Turns in front of the office!

Never park or leave your vehicle:

  • At a red curb
  • At a white curb
  • "Double parked" (Parking in the street when all legal parking places at the curb are taken)
  • Until you have stopped the engine and set the parking brake.

All students must be dropped-off or picked up in the white zones unless accompanied by an adult to a car parked in the parking lot or side streets.

All cars must move forward to the northern most point of the yellow zones to keep traffic moving. This allows for waiting cars to move forward, enter yellow zone, and drop-off or pick-up their children.

Students and parents must use the walkways provided.

Yield to cars needing to re-circle the parking lot. This allows for continued flow of traffic.

Use caution when driving on Miramontes and Correas Avenues. Valdez and Central Avenues may also be used as alternate drop-off parking areas.

We encourage you to use these access streets, Kelly, Miramontes, Correas, Valdez, and Central to park your car and walk your child(ren) to the school property, but please do not block our neighbors' driveways.

With your Help We Can Make Our Parking Lot Safe!

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